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Community Focus

Are your kids ready for real life? We can help!

Banzai for education. Making an impact. 5 schools sponsored. 20 teachers served. 780 students educated. Banzai! Illinois Community Credit Union.

Illinois Community Credit Union is bringing Banzai, a premium online financial literacy program, to educators and students in your area for FREE. By working through real-life scenarios where they learn to pay bills and balance a budget, students learn by doing. They manage unexpected expenses such as parking tickets, interest charges, and overdraft fees. The program also introduces students to auto loans, bank statements, entertainment costs, savings and more.

To date we’ve reached 780 local students and 5 schools:  DeKalb High School, Sycamore High School, Plano High School, Sycamore Middle School and Huntley Middle School

Here’s what local students are saying:

  • “You need to save more for college than you think.”
  • “I’ve learned how to manage my money, and make good decisions of how to spend my money.”
  • “I’ve learned how to manage my money, how to pay my credit card back, and how to save up.”
  • “Make sure you save your money and don't use it on things that won't matter in a few weeks.”

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