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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s my account balance?

Account balances can be checked through our mobile app, online banking, telephone (CU*Talk), ATMs, or you can stop by any branch during business hours.

What do I need to open an account?

Stop into any of our branches and bring a current ID (additionally two pieces of mail if address on ID is incorrect) and $25 to deposit into your new prime share account.

What are your hours?

Each location offers hours to best suit their communities.

Can I book an appointment online?

We currently do not offer appointments online but you may call or visit any location to schedule an appointment.

How do I set up the mobile app?

You’ll first need to sign up for online banking through our website. After you’ve signed up, search “Illinois Community CU” and download our app from Google Play or the App Store. Our app offers elevated security login, remote deposit, transfers, loan applications and account balances.

What holidays are you closed?

We are closed for most major holidays during the year.

Can I change out my coins?

Illinois Community Credit Union is coinless and doesn’t have coin machines. The handling of coins is expensive and we choose to take these cost savings and provide increased account dividends and lower loan interest rates. You’re able to turn in your coins at most major retailers through coin machines for a small fee.

What’s the max amount I can withdraw in a day?

Security purposes limit ATM withdrawals to $500, cash advances to $500 and purchases to $2500 with our Debit Cards. If you’re making a large purchase, please call us and we can temporarily raise your limit.

What’s the max amount I can transfer to another account using the Mobile App?

A2A transfer is an easy way to get money to another account within minutes. View the different A2A transfer limits when using the Mobile App.

A2A Transfer Limits
1) Per Transaction $2,000
2) Daily $4,000
3) 48-Hour $6,000
4) 10-Day $20,000
5) 30-Day $40,000
6) 60-Day $80,000

What’s ICCU's routing number?

The routing number for ACH transfers to Illinois Community Credit Union is 271989714. Please see our additional instructions if you're looking to do a wire transfer to Illinois Community Credit Union.

How do I add someone to my account?

Any new member will need to qualify for a membership, provide a current ID, and the primary/new joint member will need to sign a new signature card to put on file.

Can I cash 3rd party checks?

No, we do not allow members to cash 3rd party checks.

How do I apply for a loan?

You may apply for a loan online or you may call us at (815) 895-4541 to speak with one of our helpful representatives or you may stop by any of our three branches to speak to a Financial Service Officer. In most cases we can have an answer for you before you leave the office. You can also apply for a loan through the Illinois Community CU mobile app.

Do you have mobile deposit?

Yes, we do have mobile deposit available through our mobile app, available on Google Play or the App Store.

What are your rates?

We offer competitive savings dividends and loan interest rates.

What fees do you charge?

We have services charges for services not every member uses on a regular basis. These optional services are an expense to Illinois Community Credit Union and we charge a fee to avoid charging our membership.

Do you have a night drop available?

Night drops are available at all three branches in DeKalb, Sycamore, and Plano.

Why are your hours different on Wednesdays?

Our teams host meetings on Wednesday morning. We always strive to provide the best customer service experience, so we regularly train employees on new products and procedures.

Can I open an account if I’m under 18 years old?

Yes! We offer teen checking accounts which are available to anyone between 13-17 years old. You do not need a parent to open the account. All you’ll need to become a member is a $25 deposit for your prime share account, your social security number, and your student ID if you have one. We have no minimums on our teen checking accounts, but your prime share account balance must be at least the initial $25.

How can I pay my loan through ICCU?

You’re able to pay a loan through any branch, mobile banking, and It'sMe247 Online Banking. We do have a service charge when you pay your loan with another financial institution account as we are charged a processing fee.

How do I report a lost or stolen debit card or credit card?

For a Debit Card that is Lost or Stolen contact (866) 563-4004
For a Credit Card that is Lost or Stolen contact (800) 449-7728

Are you a co-op credit union?

We do not currently participate in any co-ops or branch sharing with other credit unions.

How do I change my address?

We prefer you be present to change this information, however, if this is not convenient you may either call us at (815) 895-4541 or mail in your change of address.

Why was my check put on hold? What does that mean and how is it determined?

Holds can be placed on checks for a variety of reasons and will typically vary from two to nine business days depending on the check. To discuss a specific situation, please speak with a Financial Service Officer or Branch Manager.

When will my Christmas Club account funds transfer?

Your funds will automatically transfer to your savings account on October 1st. If the 1st falls on a Sunday, the funds will be transferred the next business day.

What do I do if there are unauthorized charges on my account?

Please report any unauthorized or unknown account activity immediately by calling us at (815) 895-4541.

How do I change my PIN (Personal Identification Number) for my debit card?

You can do this quickly and easily by calling 866-985-2273.

How do I login to It's Me 247 Online Banking for the first time?

Follow the instructions here to for your first time logging into the system.

Do you offer Remote Deposit Capture?

Yes, read this article to learn more.


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