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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for a loan?

You may apply for a loan online by simply clicking here! Or you may call us at (815) 895-4541 to speak with one of our helpful representatives.  Or, if you prefer to do this in person, we would love to see you stop by any of our three branches to speak to a friendly Financial Service Officer to start the process.  In most cases, we can have an answer for you before you leave the office.

How do I change my address?

We prefer you be present to change this information, however, if this is not convenient you may either call us at (815) 895-4541 or mail in your change of address. 

How do I add someone else to my account?

The individual will need to be present with you in order to be added onto your membership. They will also need to present a valid government or state issued picture ID.

Why was my check put on hold? What does that mean and how is it determined?

Holds can be placed on checks for a variety of reasons and will typically vary from two to nine business days depending on the check. To discuss a specific situation, please speak with a Financial Service Officer or Branch Manager. 

When will my Christmas Club account funds transfer?

Your funds will automatically transfer to your savings account on October 1st. If the 1st falls on a Sunday, the funds will be transferred the next business day.

I am going out of state or country for a period of time. Is there anything I need to do?

Please notify us as soon as possible. We will need to know the approximate dates in which you will be gone, and where you will be traveling.

What do I do if there are unauthorized charges on my account?

Please report any unauthorized or unknown account activity immediately by calling us at (815) 895-4541.

My Debit/Credit card has been lost or stolen. Who do I contact to report this and order a new card?

To report a lost or stolen Visa Debit or Credit Card, immediately call (800) 472-3272.

I forgot my PIN to my Debit/Credit card – how can I get a new one?

You may change your PIN 24/7/365 by calling toll free (800) 757-9848. Please have your debit card and primary account holder information when you call and complete your PIN selection by following the voice guided prompts.

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