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Need a break from a monthly payment? Skip-a-Pay, Your Way.

Your credit union is here for you! Through our Skip-A-Payment program, we offer qualifying members the ability to skip a payment without penalty*

  • A $30.00 service charge will be assessed each time you utilize this service.
  • Your skipped payment will be added on to the end of your loan payment.
  • Contact ICCU for more details!

Have you been directly affected by COVID-19 or any other hardship? Contact your local branch or call us at (815) 895-4541 and let us find a solution that helps YOU! Or click the About Us tab to access a modification packet to help us better serve you.

*All ICCU loans qualify except mortgage loans and lines of credit (Payday lines of credit, Visa lines of credit). Interest still accrues. Skip-A-Payment can be used a maximum of two (2) times per loan, per year, with a maximum of six (6) per the term of each loan. There cannot be any delinquency (30 days late) in the past six (6) months. Cannot skip consecutive months with this service. All accounts/loans must be in good standing. Loan origination date must be six (6) months prior to skip a pay request. Member must be due for the current month chosen or in the future – ICCU will not back off any already posted payments. The term of a closed end loan cannot exceed 84 months. Members that have had prior loan modifications cannot participate without Consumer Loan Manager or Loan Director approval. Other restrictions may apply. Contact the Credit Union for full details.

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