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2017 Scholarship Winners


(Pictured Left to Right: Michael Mitchell, Cassandra Anderson,Taryn Mathey)

It is our privilege and honor to present our third annual Illinois Community Credit Union college scholarship awards.  ICCU is dedicated to helping our young members succeed in life and helping them reach their full potential through this new scholarship program.
There were many high caliber applicants for these scholarships, and we would like to thank the  families and friends who have supported, nurtured and helped mold these students into the outstanding citizens they are today.  

We are pleased to present these scholarships to the students who have demonstrated hard work, courage, perseverance and dedication to academic excellence. These students have studied hard for their classes while finding time to practice for their extra-curricular activities and volunteer in different segments of our communities.

The High School Senior College Scholarship Recipients of $1,500 each are:
Michael Mitchell who just graduated from DeKalb High School. Michael will be studying Business Administration at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana in the fall. Congratulations, Michael!

Taryn M. Mathey who just graduated from Sycamore High School. Taryn will be studying Physical Therapy and Business at Northern Illinois University. Congratulations, Taryn!

The Continuing Education College Scholarship Recipients of $1,000 are:
Cassandra Anderson who will continue her studies in Psychology at Northern Illinois University. Congratulations Cassandra!

Alyssa Hansen (not pictured) Alyssa will continue her studies at Illinois State University in Normal, IL.  

Please help us congratulate all of these very deserving students!



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