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Back to School Skip A Pay

SKIP-A-PAY is here just in time for school!

SKIP-A-PAY allows you to skip one monthly payment in August or September on your ICCU loan and use the extra money toward tuition, school supplies, a new laptop, or whatever you need.*

Here is how the Skip-a-Pay program works:

This program is designed to allow members to skip their August or September loan payment by adding it to the end of the loan term. The cost of this program is $30 per loan.

Members may participate in our Back to School Skip-A-Pay program if your ICCU accounts are in good standings and have not been delinquent in the past six months. Current loans must have an origination date prior to December 2016 with a term not to exceed 84 months. HELOC’s, VISA’s, Lines of Credit and Real Estate Secured Loans do not qualify. Members are allowed to participate in the Skip-A-Pay program twice within 12 months.

*Interest will continue to accrue during the month that your payment is skipped, and the term of your loan will be extended. Some restrictions apply. You are eligible to participate 2 times per year, or 6 times per the life of your loan. If there are multiple borrowers, both borrowers will be required to sign. Only valid on fixed rate closed end loans. Offer expires September 30, 2017.

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