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Easy-to-Switch Kit

Welcome! Now that you’ve opened an account with Illinois Community Credit Union, we want to take the worry (and work) out of changing financial institutions.  Simply fill out these applications and return the signed forms to Illinois Community Credit Union. 

STEP 1:   Complete the Direct Deposit Request Form (link below).  This form authorizes your employer to deposit the amounts you indicate into your ICCU account.

Direct Deposit Form

STEP 2: Transfer a part, or all, of your balances from your old financial institution.  Use the Authorization to Transfer Funds Form to transfer funds to ICCU (link below).

Transfer Funds Form   

STEP 3:  Close your account at your former financial institution when all your outstanding checks and automatic debits have cleared.  Complete the Authorization to Close Account Form (link below), then destroy old checks, deposit tickets, ATM, and debit cards.

Close Account Form

Complete and return the signed forms to your employer for direct deposit, or mail them to your previous financial institution for any closures or auto-pay changes. 

Any questions?
Or contact us by phone: 815-895-4541

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