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Member Alert: More Scams involving Stimulus Checks

Dear Members,

Please be on the alert for a new phishing scam involving the recently approved stimulus checks, and in some instances, the Paycheck Protection Program. The scammers as sending fake emails claiming to be from credit unions, and they are targeting victims to steal their credentials, according to the email security company Abnormal Security. This is yet another attack that has stemmed from the economic crisis spurred by COVID-19.

According to the Abnormal Security announcement: “The email sent by the attackers claims to be from someone’s credit union, and states that the user has received $1,100 dollars due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The message claims that if the user has not received funds, they must validate their account with the link provided, which directs them to a phishing credentials webpage.”

The “payload” consists of a link to a fake login page hosted at a URL that is not associated with the member’s credit union, but has a landing page that appears similar to the legitimate login page, the company said. Clicking on the link will compromise the users’ login credentials to their accounts, which would become vulnerable.

The body of the email is vague and contains no personalization, which is a common tactic used by attackers and allows them to send messages in mass quantity.

Given the current pandemic, some individuals are still waiting to receive their stimulus check from the government. In the event the user has not yet received their stimulus relief funds, they may be more inclined to take action on this email.

Illinois Community Credit Union encourages everyone to be wary of unsolicited messages and to follow best practices when it comes to email security. ICCU will never contact you regarding your stimulus check or ask you for your password, and we will not ask you to go to a site not related to ICCU. If you are suspicious of any correspondence you receive pertaining to us, please call us directly at (815) 895-4541 to verify the legitimacy.

A link to the original article can be found here: https://www.cutimes.com/2020/05/20/phishing-scam-impersonates-navy-federal/ 


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