Kidz Klub Youth Account

A savings program just for the kiddos!

Kidz Klub

It’s never too early to start the conversation about money with your children.  That’s why we created Kidz Klub, a Youth Account program designed exclusively for children.  

It’s geared to give your kids hands-on experience with saving and growing their money.  Plus, our new mascot, KASH, will visit our Branches, bringing games, prizes and lots of fun! 

Kidz Klub membership includes:

  • Free Kash Kit with Savings Passbook and Dog Paw Bank
  • Free Coin Counting
  • Contests, prizes and games
  • Chances to earn more prizes when you deposit money into your account
  • No monthly service charge

We have also teamed up with Tails Humane Society of DeKalb to support their efforts to find great homes for great pets. 

Tails Humane Society

Would you like to donate to Tails Humane Society? Here's a list of items you can donate.


What is the Kidz Klub?
    > Kidz Klub is our Savings Account program tailored just for kids.  It’s geared to teach kids how to save and grow their money.

Who qualifies for a Youth Savings Account?
    > You can set up an account for your children anytime, even right after birth, as long as they have a social security number/card.  Your child can qualify up to age 17.

What should I bring to set up my child’s account?
    > Please bring:
      • Social Security card (or number) for each child you wish to establish an account for
      • ID for Parent such as unexpired government issued ID such as driver’s license, state ID or passport.*
      • Student ID, if you have one.
* if the address is out of date on the license we’ll need 2 pieces of mail – typically a utility bill and a lease agreement or mortgage document

Is there a minimum balance requirement?
    > The minimum balance is $25.  For a limited time, ICCU will make the initial $25 deposit for your child. Limited to first 100 accounts that sign up.
    > If the membership is closed within 12 months of opening, a $25 fee will apply to offset the ICCU sponsored membership deposit.

Is this a joint account?   Do parents have to co-sign?
    > Yes, a parent or legal guardian must be the joint owner on the account.  

Can my child make a transaction when I’m not there?
    > As the legal owner of the account, your child will be able to make deposits or withdraw money from their account.

Are there paper statements?
    > Yes, there is a statement which will be mailed on a quarterly basis.


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