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You can now automatically transfer funds from another financial institution to conveniently make payments on your Illinois Community Credit Union loan through ACH Transfers.

ACH Form

To get started, print the ACH Form and complete all required information, and then return the completed form to any one of our branches either in person, by fax, or by email.

  • Please be aware that it may take up to 3 business days to process the first ACH Transfer and have the payment applied to your loan. After that, your payments will automatically be made each month on the regularly scheduled day that you chose.
  • If the payment date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or federal holiday your payment will be posted on the prior business day.  For example, if your payment is scheduled for the 15th, and that date is a Saturday, your payment will be posted to your account on Friday, the 14th.
  • Make certain that you have enough money available at your other institution for the transfer to complete to avoid the hassle of returned payment and late payment fees.
  • Do you want to change your payment date, payment amount, or the financial institution which you use to make your loan payment?  Just contact us and we will assist you in updating the transfer information.  Please be aware that it may take up to three business days for any changes to take effect, so allow plenty of time if you wish to make a change.

Paying for takeout, groceries or a new pair of shoes just got faster and easier. Your ICCU card can now be added to your wallet through Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. With a simple wave of your phone, complete your transaction at most major stores quickly and securely.

  • Accepted by most major brands
  • Helps eliminate chance of stolen credit cards and fraud
  • Receipts are kept safe and secure in your mobile wallet

Add your ICCU card to your wallet today and see how easy it is to make payments. Contact us to get started!

Sign up for Direct Deposit with Illinois Community Credit Union.

Now you can electronically receive your paycheck, social security payments, and any other reoccurring monthly payment right into your bank account.
And, it’s completely free.

  • No trips to the branch
  • Easy, secure, and convenient
  • No waiting for checks to clear– funds are available immediately on payday

Get paid up to two days early*

Some people have to wait up to two days to see their paychecks posted to their account. It’s your money, why wait? At ICCU, we release funds early – up to two days earlier than most* – giving you access to your money faster, when you need it. Two days can be all the difference in the world in an emergency.

There is nothing to do to set it up. No forms to sign. This happens just because you’re a member! So when you see your paycheck posted earlier, you can say with confidence: That’s myICCU.

* Subject to change based on employer

Want to enroll in Direct Deposit?

Signing up is easy. Just give your payroll ICCU’s routing number, 271989714 and bring it to work.

Saving is a no-brainer with Payroll Deductions from Illinois Community Credit Union. You can elect to have part of your paycheck automatically transferred into any savings account, Share Certificate, or investment you specify. It’s like putting your saving habits on autopilot.

  • Free to all ICCU members
  • Makes saving easy
  • Increase or decrease payroll deduction amount any time

Want to sign up for Payroll Deduction? Visit any of our 3 branches and we will help you set up your payroll deduction automatically. 

With a simple tap and a snap, you can deposit checks directly into your account from the convenience of your mobile device. Once you’ve downloaded our mobile app, sign up for Remote Deposit Capture. You can then deposit checks easily and quickly from anywhere you are. Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Deposit Capture

Tip: When depositing a check via RDC, endorse the check with your name and also write “For RDC Deposit Only” below your signature.

What is CU*Talk?

CU*Talk is ICCU’s telephone account access system that gives you 24 hour, seven day a week access to your accounts. Just simply call the system and CU*Talk will walk you through your transactions right from the privacy of your home, office, or any other place you have access to a touch-tone phone.

With CU*Talk you can:

  • Check balances
  • Transfer funds
  • Verify check clearings

Here's how to use CU*Talk

To access CU*Talk, call (833) 920-1473

Steps to Follow

  1. Enter your Member Number followed by the # sign.
  2. Enter your Access Code followed by the # sign. Your initial Personal Identification Code will be the last four digits of the Primary member's social security number. For your protection, you should change your access code by following the system prompts when you first use CUTalk.
  3. Enter a Service Code followed by the # sign.

CU*Talk Tips

  • Remember to press the # sign after every entry.
  • When CU*Talk asks for your ACCOUNT number, do not key in your member number. Please refer to your Member Statement for account numbers.
  • Transfers between Memberships (Cross Member Transfers) must be authorized by the credit union. Please visit any ICCU location to complete a Cross Member Transfer Authorization Form.
Service Codes
Code Type Service Code
Share Account Balance 111
Checking Account Balance 112
Loan Account Balance 142
Checks Cleared 131
Specific Check Cleared 133
Dividends Paid on Account 123
Interest Paid on Loan 143
List of Deposits 121
Loan Payment from Share 211
Loan Payment from Checking 212
Loan Payment from Other 213
Loan Payment from LOC 214
Savings to Checking Transfer 221
Checking to Savings Transfer 222
List of Withdrawals 122

Wire transfers are a secure and fast way to electronically transfer funds domestically or internationally to a person, company, or financial institution. Please provide the sending financial institution the wire instructions listed below.  One of our Member Services Representatives can assist you with your wire transfer questions, call (815) 895-4541.

Direct the incoming funds to be transferred to:

Receiving Institution ABA: 271987635
Receiving Institution Name: Alloya Federal Credit Union
Receiving Institution Address: 184 Shuman Blvd, Suite 400
Receiving Institution City, State, and Zip Code: Naperville, IL 60563

For further credit to:

Name: Illinois Community Credit Union
Account or ABA number: 271989714
Address: 508 W. State Street
City, State, and Zip Code: Sycamore, IL 60178

For final credit to:

Member Number:
Street Address:
City, State, and Zip Code:

For wire transfers you send from your Illinois Community Credit Union account, requests received before 3:30 pm will be processed and sent to the designated recipient the same business day. Requests received after 3:30 pm will be sent the following business day. ICCU cannot guarantee when the receiving institution will deposit the wired funds into the recipient's account. 

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