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Member Rewards

ICCU Member Rewards recognizes our members’ loyalty and provides rewards such as cash back, waived service charges, and premium account offerings.

There’s no need to sign up or enroll! Points are automatically earned each month based on accounts and account activity. 


  • The monthly membership is tier based on the number of earned points at the close of each calendar month per the Monthly Points Earned chart below.
  • Tiers are calculated monthly as follows:
    • Platinum — 550 points and higher
    • Gold — 400–549 points
    • Silver — 250–399 points
    • Bronze — 1–249 points


  • Platinum and Gold members may redeem accrued points for cash.
  • Platinum members may have the following service charges waived automatically (without redeeming points): cashier's checks, account history printouts, and phone transfers.
  • Gold members may have the account history printout service charge automatically waived (without redeeming points).
  • Platinum members will also have access to the higher-earning Platinum Checking and Platinum Money Market Accounts effective November 1, 2023.


  • Points earned each month are accrued until a member chooses to redeem them. The total number of accrued points or redeemed points does not impact membership tiers.
  • Silver, Gold, and Platinum members may use accrued points for service charge waivers. Only Platinum and Gold members may redeem accrued points for cash.
  • The Points Redemption chart below shows how many points are needed for cash back or to waive a service charge.
  • Points will expire after five years.


  • Monthly membership tiers may change based on account activity or when accounts are opened or closed based on the Monthly Points Earned chart below.
  • Points began to accrue October 1, 2023, and will appear on your periodic statements starting October 31, 2023.
  • Members will be able to review their monthly earned points and membership tier, along with total points accrued and redeemed, in Online Banking in “Member Services” under “Tiered Services,” and on their periodic statements.
  • Platinum Checking and Money Market Accounts are only available to members who have obtained Platinum status at the time they open the account. Once a Platinum Checking or Money Market Account is opened, a member is eligible to keep the account in perpetuity even if they lose Platinum Membership status.


View our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our eBranch at

Primary Financial Institution Points   Member Deposit Relationship Points
Primary Checking Accounts 100   Payroll Deposit of at least $2,000/mo. 75
Membership Bonus, per year after 5 years 10   ACH Deposit of at least $2,000/mo. 75
      Transfers of any Type via AFT 10
Member Savings Relationship Points   Loan Payments only via AFT 25
Additional Savings Products  10   Loan Payments via ACH 25
Non-IRA Share Certificates  25   Self-Service Product Relations Points
IRA Share & Share Certificates  25   # of Debit Card Trans.: 1–10 10
Money Market Accounts  25   # of Debit Card Trans.: 11–25 15
Checking Account with Negative Balance -50   # of Debit Card Trans.: 26–50 20
Savings Account with Negative Balance -50   # of Debit Card Trans.: 51+ 25
Aggregate Balance up to $2,499 0   Credit Card 100
Aggregate Balance $2,500–$10,000 15   Online Banking 25
Aggregate Balance $10,001–$50,000 25   eStatements 15
Aggregate Balance $50,001–$100,000 50   Bill Pay 15
Aggregate Balance greater than $100,001 100   Valid E-Mail Address 5
Member Loan Relationship Points   eNotice Subscription 15
Mortgage Loans 100   eAlerts Subscription 5
Home Equity Loans 100   Invalid Address -50
All other Loans 25      
Any Loan with a Delinquency -100      
Aggregate Balance up to $10,000 10      
Aggregate Balance $10,001–$24,999 25      
Aggregate Balance $25,000–$74,999 50      
Aggregate Balance $75,000–$150,000 100      
Aggregate Balance greater than $150,001 125      


Service Charge Waiver Catalog Points Value
Cash Back Redemption 5,000 $5.00
Cashier Check Service Charge Waiver 1,500 $3.00
Gift Card Service Charge Waiver 2,000 $4.00
Domestic Wire Transfer Service Charge Waiver 12,500 $25.00
Box of Standard Checks  7,500 $15.00
Courtesy Pay Service Charge Waiver 17,500 $35.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Service Charge Waiver 17,500 $35.00
Stop Payment Service Charge Waiver 12,500 $25.00
Late Loan Payment Service Charge Waiver 12,500 $25.00
Skip-a-Payment Service Charge Waiver 15,000 $30.00
Statement Printout Service Charge Waiver 2,500 $5.00
Telephone Transfer Service Charge Waiver 2,500 $5.00
Account History Printout Service Charge Waiver 500 $1.00
Rewards Points Redemption Value    
Cash*   1 Pt = $0.001
Service Charge Waivers   1 Pt = $0.002
Instant Benefits by Rewards Tier   Tier
Waived Cashier Check Service Charge   Platinum
Waived Phone Transfer Service Charge   Platinum
Waived Account History Printout   Gold, Platinum


* Only Platinum and Gold members may redeem points for cash. Minimum $5.00 (5,000 point) for cash redemption.

Program subject to change at any time without prior notice.