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Protect yourself and the environment with eStatements

Illinois Community Credit Union supports its members by offering safeguards that are designed to protect identities and personal information. Our e statements solution is a free service that encrypts all of your personal information on an electronic statement delivered to you through It'sMe247 Online Banking.

eStatements benefits include:

  • Free. When you enroll in Online Banking and sign up for e statements, you can view up to 18 months of financial history.
  • Limits risk of fraud. By limiting your paper trail, there’s less chance your personal information ends up in the wrong hands.
  • Secure. eStatements are encrypted to protect your personal information.
  • Eco-friendly. eStatements are environmentally friendly. 
  • Email notifications. You'll receive an email you when your eStatement is ready.
  • Convenient.  All of your important statements are in one place so you can view them or save them to your computer, keeping you organized. 

Enroll in eStatements right in the It'sMe247 Online Banking.

For questions or help with enrolling in eStatements, contact us or visit us in branch.

Access eStatements from October 2020 and older

Complete the following steps to enroll in eStatements.

  1. When you are in It'sMe247, hover over "Info Center" at the top left.
  2. Click "eStatement Options" under My Preferences in the middle column of choices.
  3. Click the disclaimer button at the bottom of the page that allows you to receive the statements electronically.
  4. Verify the email address that you wish to receive notifications at. You will receive alerts at this address when the statement is ready for viewing in It'sMe247 Online Banking.
  5. Click the "Accept" button.

For most members, you will be able to access your eStatements after the first complete cycle after you submit the request. (For example, if you submit a request on June 15, your first eStatement will be available after the end of July.)

Once your eStatements are set up, you can view them from within It'sMe247: Hover over "My Documents" and click "Go to eStatements."

If you wish to receive paper statements again, you may cancel eStatements at any time to begin receiving paper statements in the mail.