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Remote Deposit Capture

Tap, Snap, Deposit.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) makes it easy to bank on-the-go. With a simple tap and a snap, you can deposit checks directly into your account from the convenience of your mobile device. Simply sign up and start depositing your checks.

What's the first step?

First, download the Illinois Community CU app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and start depositing checks easily and quickly from anywhere you are.

Tip: When depositing a check via RDC, endorse the check with your name and “For ICCU mobile deposit only” below your signature.

Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Deposit Capture

Q.  How should I endorse my check?

When endorsing the back of the check, all payees should sign their name.  Under the signature, you must include the wording "For ICCU mobile deposit only." Failure to endorse the check properly will result in rejection.

Q.  What types of checks can I deposit?

You can deposit personal, business, and payroll checks made payable to you.  We are unable to accept US Treasury checks, government checks, third-party checks, foreign checks, checks in a denomination other that US dollars, substitute checks, traveler’s checks, checks drawn on your ICCU account, and checks older than 6 months.  Please visit your local branch to deposit these types of checks.

Q.  Is there a limit to how many checks or the amount that I can deposit?

The maximum dollar amount that may be deposited in one business day is $7,000.00 with an individual check limit of $4,000.00. The maximum dollar limit that may be deposited in any 30-day cycle is $25,000.00. The number of checks in one business day is limited to five (5).

Q.  How quickly are my funds available?

Funds will appear in your account after your deposit has been approved.  If there are no issues with your check, this will usually happen the same business day. Deposit images submitted after 3:30 on any weekday, the weekend, or any federal holiday will be considered for deposit on the next business day. However, an automatic 2-business-day hold is placed on all remote deposits. This means you may not use or withdraw the money from your account for 2 full business days. 

Q.  How long should I keep the original check?

Once you have confirmed that your check image has been accepted and has posted successfully to your account, keep the original check in a safe and secure place for a period of 7 days.  After that time, you must destroy the original check.

Q. Do I have to have a physical check to deposit to my account?

Yes – the physical check must be in your possession and endorsed by all payees before you can submit the check for deposit.

Q. Can I deposit a check made payable to someone else into my account?

No – this is considered a third-party check and cannot be deposited through our remote deposit system. You may only deposit checks made out to you or you and a joint account holder.

Transmission Limits

You understand and agree that the Credit Union may, from time-to-time and at its sole discretion, establish limits on the amount and/or number of Images that you may transmit via the Service. Any transmission you attempt to make which would exceed these limits may be rejected by us. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if we permit you to transmit one or more Images in excess of these limits, your use of the Service will nonetheless be subject to all other terms of this Agreement, and we will be under no obligation to permit you to exceed these limits at any time in the future. Currently, the maximum dollar amount of any Image that may be transmitted is $4,000.00, the maximum dollar amount of all Images that may be transmitted in any one business day is $7,000.00, and the maximum dollar amount of Images that may be transmitted in any rolling 30-day period is $25,000.00.  The current maximum number of Images that may be deposited during any one business day is five (5). We reserve the right to change these limits at any time without prior notice to you.

Processing Deadlines & Funds Availability

Images submitted in RDC by 3:30pm Central Time Monday–Friday will be considered for acceptance on the same business day. If an image is submitted after 3:30pm Central Time Monday–Friday or on a weekend or federal holiday, it will be considered for acceptance on the next business day (Monday–Friday). Decisions on accepting images will be made by 4:00pm Central Time Monday–Friday. Members will be notified by the system via email (if applicable) whether a check has been accepted or rejected. Once a check has been accepted, the funds are deposited to the member account with an automatic 2-business-day hold on those funds. Occasionally, a 4-day hold may be placed on deposited items.

Funds Availability

You understand and agree that deposits of Images via transmission to the Service may not be available for immediate withdrawal, and we may withhold the availability of funds from the deposited Image for up to four (4) business days. Any hold placed on a deposit transmitted via the service will be done so in accordance with our Funds Availability Policy Disclosure. You understand and agree that, solely for the determination of any applicable hold, an Image will be deemed a “check” as that term is used in our Funds Availability Policy Disclosure.

Storage and Destruction of Original Checks

Upon receipt of confirmation that we have accepted an Image of an original Check, you understand and agree that you will retain possession of the original Check until check has been processed and posted successfully. After this, keep the check for a period of seven (7) calendar days, during which time you will ensure the safety and integrity of the original Check. You understand and agree that, at the expiration of this 7-calendar-day period, you MUST destroy the original Check via a commercially acceptable means of destruction, including shredding (preferably via a cross-cut shredder), burning or pulverizing the original Check, after which the Image will be the only evidence of the original Check.

If you have any other questions, please contact the accounting department at (815) 895-4541.