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Club Savings Account

Savings for life’s special moments

Prepare for special events during the year by setting up automatic transfers or payroll deductions directly into your Club Account(s).

Account Type Transaction Limitation
Christmas Club Funds become available November 1st
Vacation Club Funds become available June 1st
Tax Savers Club Funds become available April 1st
Youth Savers None

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* Minimum opening deposit of $1.00 with dividends accruing quarterly. If any withdrawal is made from a Christmas Club Account before the end of the club term, the account will be terminated, and you will be paid the full balance from the account. You may make transfers or withdrawals in the first seven (7) days the account is open without restriction. For Escrow Club Accounts, withdrawals are allowed only for payment of property taxes and insurance. Contact the Credit Union for more information. Insured by NCUA and ESI up to $500,000.