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Member Rewards FAQs

  • Where do I find how many points I have or my Membership Tier?
    Monthly earned points, total accrued rewards points, and membership tier information will all be found in Online Banking in “Member Services” under “Tiered Services,” in the mobile app under "Member rewards," and on your periodic statements.
  • How is my monthly membership tier calculated? Can my tier change?
    Membership tiers are calculated based on the reward points earned in any given month according to the Monthly Points Earned table. Points are earned based on open accounts and account activity. For this reason, yes, the membership tier can change from month to month.
  • Will my membership tier fall when I redeem points?
    No. Membership tier is based only on the points earned in a given month. When points are redeemed, they are subtracted from the total number of accrued points and don't impact your membership tier calculation.
  • Do my accrued points ever expire?
    Yes. Accrued points will accumulate monthly and must be redeemed within 5 years from when the points were issued, otherwise they will expire.
  • What can I use my accrued points for?
    Accrued points can be used to waive service charges for services such as ordering a box of checks, gift cards, cashier’s checks, and more. See the Points Redemption table for a list of redemption values.
  • How do I redeem my accrued points?
    When you have enough points to start redeeming, simply inform the member advocate who is helping you that you want to make a redemption for a service charge waiver or cash back.
  • Can I redeem my accrued points for cash?
    Platinum and Gold members may redeem their accrued points for cash.
  • Is there a minimum number of accrued points required to redeem them for cash?
    Yes, to redeem accrued points for cash, there is a $5.00 (5,000 point) minimum.
  • There was an error in the points I was awarded. Who can I talk to?
    If you believe an error was made in your points calculation, please contact eBranch at